DISCOVERY DAYSCHOOL is designed for children 2 to 5 years of age. DISCOVERY is arranged with rotating learning centers to ensure that all children, whether full-time or part-time, will benefit from the learning curriculum. (Our 2 year old program is arranged with rotating learning centers within a self contained classroom). 

  • Art/Fine Motor
  • Educational Manipulatives
    -Multicultural Manipulatives
  • Circletime/Math
  • Vegetable Garden/Butterfly Garden
  • Thematic Unit Curriculum
    -Approved by NAEYC
  • Bible Study
  • Reading Readiness Program
  • STEAM Program
  • Computers
  • Reading Room
  • Dramatic Play:
    -Housekeeping Center
    -Log Cabin Center
    -King & Queen Center
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Language
  • Cooking
  • Virtue Program

The Curriculum & Program
DISCOVERY DAYSCHOOL believes children learn through experience. Teachers incorporate learning through monthly thematic units and rotating learning centers. Each learning center is equipped with the finest educational materials. At the beginning of every month, each parent will receive a curriculum letter, which includes the theme for the month, objectives and parent/child interaction suggestions. Parents will also receive a monthly calendar of events and a monthly newsletter. Progress reports will be issued fall & spring sessions. A conference will be offered to discuss progress reports. This will give the parents a greater insight into their child’s mental and physical development. Teacher conferences may be scheduled by parent, teacher or director as requested, throughout the year. OUR ONE-WAY OBSERVATION WINDOW allows parents to observe their child in his/her preschool environment.

Special Programs
Programs provided by DISCOVERY DAYSCHOOL on a weekly basis:
(included in tuition)

  • Bible Study (2's - 5's) (Optional)
  • Step into Music (2's - 5's)
  • Music (2's - 5's)
  • Spanish (2's - 5's) (Pre-K classes - 3 times/week)
  • French (2's - 5's)
  • Mandarin (Pre-K only)
  • Reading Readiness Program

Programs provided by Independent Instructors on a weekly basis:                                                                                        (not included in tuition)

  • Ballet  (Ballet Florida)
  • Tumbleweeds (Sensory Motor Development)
  • KiddieBytes (Computer class)
  • Happy Feet/Soccer